Gordon Jack

Publisher: Harper Collins | Release date: Sep. 8  | ISBN: 000-0000000000
Genre: Young Adult Contemporary Humor

Sixteen-year-old Lawrence Collins is assigned to mentor Spencer Knudsen, a Norwegian exchange student, as punishment for performing a Chinese ribbon dance while stoned and Caucasian at the school’s Diversity assembly. At first he thinks the community service task will be an easy gig, but Lawrence’s social standing drops every time he’s seen with the kid who has the social skills of the Periodic Table. Soon, Lawrence has bigger problems to worry about than his plummeting popularity. A mysterious vandal is systematically destroying the school’s homecoming floats and everyone thinks Lawrence is responsible. With his mentee’s help, and the assistance of a beautiful Renaissance Faire maiden, Lawrence might just survive these catastrophes and learn something about the meaning of friendship and loyalty.


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Gordon Jack is a former copywriter, best known for the phrase “Imagine the Pastabilities” which ran in many Sunday newspapers. After exhausting himself creatively, he moved to Spain and taught his special brand of advertising lingo to English language learners. If you travel to AndalucĂ­a, you will hear locals exclaim in restaurants, “Hay demasiado pastabilities!” when confronted with too many menu options. He hopes his YA novel, The Boomerang Effect, creates the same lasting impression.

If you’re interested in school, library, or bookstore visits, Gordon is located in California.
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