PLEASE NOTE: The Class of 2k16 is closed.  
Call for 2k17 has not opened yet. Search for a 2k17 leadership team will open the first of March.  Please email  to be added to the notification list.


What’s the Class of 2K16?
The “2K Classes” are groups of debut YA/MG authors who focus on MARKETING. We pay dues ($275 per person), maintain a private forum, create a website, and commit to 10-15 hours per month to collectively promote our books. Membership is capped at 20 authors, and the 2k Classes have become well-known among librarians and booksellers, so there are benefits to joining.

The first 2K Class was founded in 2007 by Greg R. Fishbone and has been a strong promotional network/outlet for debut YA and MG authors every year since. Here are some 2k alumni you might be familiar with: Jay Asher, Melissa Marr, Rebecca Stead, Sara Zarr, Jo Knowles, Nancy Viau, Sydney Salter, Rhonda Hayter, Jeri Smith-Ready, and Jennifer Hubbard, among many other talented authors. And word on the street is that there might be a 2K Alumni group formed in the future. Here are links to check out all the past Class of 2K websites, books and members:
(Class of 2k7, 8, 9, 11, and 12 websites no longer available.)

Class Mission Statement:
The Class of 2K is a community of YA/MG debut novelists banding together to use group synergy to promote their books. Typically, group activities include developing common promotional materials (website, blog, other social media, postcards, brochures, etc.); creating press releases and/or hiring a group publicist; forming panels to speak at conferences; and supporting one another while sharing information about the publishing world as we discover it.

Membership Requirements:
1. This must be your first book in YA/MG fiction, and your book must be scheduled for release in 2016.*
2. Your publisher must be listed in Children’s Writers and Illustrators Marketplace or be an SCBWI PAL publisher. Also, your publisher must be based in the USA.
3. You must be required to commit 10-15 hours per month to the group and pay the required dues of $275.
4. Seriously. 10-15 hours a month—that’s not a joke. Everyone must pull their weight or it’s not fair to the rest of the group.

5. Your deal must have been announced in Publisher's Marketplace or Publisher's Weekly and have a confirmed 2016 date.

*If your first publisher did not meet the listed requirement (i.e. self-published, adult book), but your current publisher does, then you can still be considered a "debut" author.

How to Apply:
I will be chairing this year’s group, so if you’d like to join the class, please apply via this application: If you need more information, email me at danaelmendorfbooks (at) gmail (dot) com

Applications will be approved on a first-come-first-serve basis according to eligibility. Spots fill up fast so don’t procrastinate. We look forward to meeting you.

All best,
Dana Elmendorf
2k16 President
danaelmendorfbooks (at) gmail (dot) com

Elizabeth Briggs
elizabethbriggsbooks (at) gmail (dot) com

Evelyn Skye
evelynskyebooks (at) gmail (dot) com