Hello everyone,

This is NOT an all-call for Class of 2k17.  This simply a call for a Class of 2k17 president.  If you are interested in being the Class of 2k17 president or would  like to know what's involved with being president, please email me, Dana Elmendorf at .

Once a president is established, they will create an all-call for members to join the group.

If you are interested in joining the group but do not want to be president email me at , and I will add you to the "interested" list that will be passed on to the new president.  So far we have a lot who are interested, but no one is willing to run the group.  Please read my update below.

To learn more about what the Class of 2k is about and to see if you qualify to join the group, please take a look at our 2k16 membership page.

If you have any questions, please feel to contact me.

All best,
Dana Elmendorf
Class of 2k16 President

UPDATE:  As far as the president position, I know your concern is in the amount of work it will take to run a group.  I'm not going to lie, I do a lot of work but I set myself up for success.  When I was considering the position for 2k16 group, I decided to reach out to two other 2016 debuts who were very good friends of mine and whom I knew I could work well with.  I recruited them to be my secretary and treasurer, knowing they would have my back if I needed help.  If you are seriously considering the running the 2k17 group, know that you don't have to start this alone.  Co-president with someone.  OR assemble a team of four people and divide up the positions.  There's no by-laws that say you can't assemble some key players before starting the group. Hope this helps.